How we Pay it Forward First

At Auric we believe in utilising our knowledge base to assist those who are doing great things in the world. Our Corporate Social Responsibility model is based around development and commitment rather than dispersing money. In this way we are able to use our skill set to enable people to achieve greater things.

While we obviously have a direct impact on the community around us, the modern world is such that we have a global socio-economic impact and as such have chosen a global approach when defining who we assist and how they impact the world around them. Below are a few of the companies, NGOs and Non-Profits we assist or have assisted in the past. If you feel that you are making an impact within your community or country and require our assistance, then you are welcome to send a proposal to us and we will see if we are able to assist you to becoming that little bit better.

Waves For Change

Waves for Change is such a great project! The crew at W4C help young kids who have been affected by violence within their community, to change their lives through surfing. The project, which has gained global acclaim, is based in Cape Town, South Africa and works with children from the townships.

To ensure that their message would gain global priority, Auric built a world class website which highlighted their great work and prioritised their social media engagement as this was the core way in which they generated their funding. Auric continues to work with Waves For Change through Fable, our design agency, and will continue to assist in any way possible to help change lives.

wp longboarding

WP Longboarding Championships

Auric has recently chosen to support the Western Province Longboarding Championships 2016. Given that a lot of our staff actually longboard and that the WPLB guys weren’t really making any headway with support from the private sector, we have chosen to take the leap and support them. For more on WPLB you can go to their website