As an enterprise business you need flexibility and solutions that can scale

As employees are demanding even more flexibility in the way they work enterprise businesses are struggling to keep up with the number of devices available and the different ways in which employees want to connect to corporate resources. Of course it makes sense to make your employees’ working environment more dynamic but this comes at a cost and for enterprise businesses this can come at a great cost, and often very unpredictable costs.
With the growth of cloud computing it possible to provide extremely flexible solutions to make your working environments match your employees’ expectations and also provide these solutions at predictable costs using Microsoft Office 365.

We offer IT solutions with predictable costs for all situations that provide the following features.
    • Business-class email
    • Online conferencing
    • Public website
    • File sharing
    • Office Web Apps
    • Mobile Apps
    • Enterprise social
    • Desktop versions of Microsoft Office

These solutions are offered as a service and can be paid for monthly or yearly so you have predictable costs throughout the year. The costs of our solutions also don’t include typically high initial hardware and software set up costs. The guaranteed 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the services is backed by a financial commitment direct from Microsoft.

All of these services are bundled together as one product, Microsoft Office 365.  You can either choose to take the whole package or just some of the components so the solution you choose can be as flexible as you need. Find out more and compare the different Office 365 plans.

Auric Consulting can also provide solutions that allow the management of PCs and mobile devices from the cloud, enabling your employees to use the devices they choose to access applications and data while following corporate policies. These services can also be paid for monthly or yearly so you still have predictable costs throughout the year. If you want to know more about our cloud-based management services check out our Remote Management Solutions.

Auric Consulting offers a complete end to end service to help you move to a more predictable IT environment. We conduct infrastructure reviews and provide migration consultancy to get you where you need to be. Your existing on-premises solutions can be integrated with the cloud solutions we offer to create a hybrid solution that builds on your past IT investments by adding extra flexibility while also adding extra redundancy at a relatively low cost.

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