Auric Consulting has a wealth of experience to help you move forward and turn the IT solutions you provide into key business drivers.

We have an array of solutions aimed at different business profiles and sizes to ensure you get the solution you need to solve your pressing business problems.

All our solutions provide the reliability and flexibility of enterprise-grade solutions yet come at predictable and affordable costs without the typically large initial set up expenses.

logoAuric Consulting is a Microsoft Silver Partner.

This gives you the confidence that you are dealing with professionals who know how to design solutions that meet your needs and implement the solutions successfully.
If you have existing IT solutions we provide migration services to make sure you have no downtime, which are skills that only come with the experience provided by Auric Consulting’s qualified staff.

With all our solutions we offer ongoing management and support as required. If your business doesn’t have staff with IT skills you can outsource the management of your IT solutions to Auric Consulting, even if they aren’t solutions we’ve implemented. In addition we offer support services to keep your business functioning.

The choices below will allow you to find out how Auric Consulting can help you deliver the right IT solutions to your employees to increase their productivity and reduce the cost to your business.

How a partner can help you migrate to a cloud solution

Before you start your cloud service subscription, a partner can help you:

  • Identify business needs and how Office 365 and other solutions can help solve them.
  • Assess your current IT infrastructure, how it can be improved, and how to get ready for Office 365.
  • Choose the right mix of Office 365 services to get the services you need to achieve your business goals.
  • Develop a road map for your IT investments going forward.
  • Deploy a proof of concept environment so you can test Office 365 before making a larger commitment.

How a partner can help support your deployment

Once you have a plan for moving to Office 365, a partner can help ensure your success by:

  • Providing comprehensive deployment and migration assistance to ensure that the transition is smooth.
  • Configuring the services to meet your needs and customizing SharePoint Online to your specific needs/vertical.
  • Managing services such as Skype for Business conferencing.
  • Training your users and IT administrators how to get the most out of Office 365.
  • Performing administrative tasks such as resetting passwords and setting up new user accounts.
  • Supporting users as an IT help desk.
  • Providing add-on solutions to Office 365, such as: Exchange Online/SharePoint Online personal archive, SharePoint Online workflows, document management solutions, and others.

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