POPI or the Protection of Personal Information Act, will be implemented into South African law later this year, 2019. POPI will govern how businesses collect and store Private and Personal information of Data Subjects (a person). At the end of 2018 the Information Regulator, headed by Pansy Tlakula, listed the requirements of all South African companies. These need to be adhered to within twelve months of the POPI act implementation. These regulations clearly state that all South African companies should have done everything reasonable to ensure that they are POPI compliant at that point.

One of the most important things to consider is just how compliant your business is. This will involve completing a Privacy Impact Assessment or PIA across the full scope of your business. We have developed a thorough PIA. It will provide you the feedback and remediation’s which you need to follow to become as POPI compliant as you can be.

The process will involve one of two options. You can visit our website https://popicompliance.co.za and complete the PIA online at a cost of R7500 excluding VAT or your second option is to have a consultant spend a day with your senior management team taking you through the PIA. This cost is R15000 excluding VAT, plus additional expenses, should your business not be situated in the greater Cape Town area.

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