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Small Business IT Support can be costly. Add to this the potentially high costs of running inefficiently and it could cost you over time. Our ethos of Work Smart. Work Secure. Work Better. applies to all sizes of business. As a small business, things like security and the very real need to have an email solution which is auditable, secure and always on can be overlooked. Start working smarter with Office365 by Microsoft.

Collaborate easily and efficiently. Track changes. Enjoy the full Microsoft Suite without having to worry about upgrades. Pay monthly so you know exactly what your operating costs are going to be. Running a MAC? No problem! Integration is easy when you have the right team deploying Office365 for you. Auric Consulting was an early adopter of Office365 in South Africa and can give you the right assistance to make your working life easier. We are Office365 deployment specialists and have assisted both small and large businesses get their deployment right, the first time!

Couple your Office365 solution with Business Grade Endpoint Security by a global market leader, ESET Endpoint Security. Auric Consulting is proud to be an ESET partner. It isn’t just talk. We secure our own endpoints with ESET, which means we know the product inside and out. We have to date assisted small businesses of 5 users right up to Enterprise business with over 1200 licence deployments in a single deployment. If it is right for them, don’t you think you should be thinking about securing your business?

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